August 31

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“Today our business is booming and we are asked daily about our fantastic coffee, so I ended up putting the Tico’s Coffee logo right on the front of our menu. Bert “the coffee guy” is great because he is consistent, very helpful and goes the extra mile. He even helps us with parts, coffee brewers and equipment. Plus his coffee is sooo good! ”
Becky Mucha, Owner
Word of Mouth Bistro

“Great local coffee with very responsive, friendly and caring service. We have customers asking daily about our incredibly fresh and delicious coffee. I highly recommend Tico’s and their products.”
Alison Fladwood, General Manager
La Capitale

“Tico’s Coffee is a consistently high quality product. We have been with Tico’s for over five years and there is no other coffee company providing this type of service. Bert tailor fits the blend to fit our business needs and he is always available when we need his assistance. He even trains our staff on using the equipment. Tico’s is phenomenal!”
Karo Thorn, Owner
Alcyone/Pioneer Grill

“I like the fact that Bert is local to our community providing an organic, high quality flavor at the right price, and it’s roasted right here in the area. Just take the time to sit down with Bert to experience his integrity and passion for his product and service. I highly recommend Tico’s as the best cup of coffee.”

Lari DeLapp, Owner

Coffee House Cafe

“Bert is a man of his word and goes above and beyond as a vendor every time. Customers seek us out because we serve Tico’s, a unique dark roasted blend. It is a pleasure to do business with Tico’s!

Bree Brouhard, Owner

 Cafe Noir


“Is it possible to buy or pick-up coffee in Stayton to avoid shipping costs? I work in Salem and experienced your wonderful coffee at the Work of Mouth bistro.”

John G.


“I first had your coffee at Word of Mouth rest. I don’t know what blend they serve, but LOVE it.”

Online customer

“Bert, your brother Eric gave me a bag of your Guatemala coffee to try during a family weekend in Sunriver. I’m very impressed, this is some of the best coffee I’ve had. Keep up the good work. I’ll be purchasing more when I run out.  Thanks!”


Andrew B.


“Hi Bert – we’ve been a fan of your coffee and I’ve written you before to tell you how wonderful your coffee is (Randy C.  got us hooked)!  We’ve been lazy lately and picking up our coffee at our local specialty store in Seattle. We finally found a coffee that is comparable to yours (but yes…yours is still better).”



“Hi! I work with Kari F. and just wanted to say thank you for the coffee that you sent her.  She’s shared it with us here at Qwest, and it’s great. As you might suspect, I’ve got seven S….bucks within a 2-block radius of our office. Yours is terrific!

Dennis Jones, Seattle


“Good Morning My Friend, your coffee is of the finest and its character truly comes from the roaster himself, Bert.  The same beans but somebody other than you as the “Roaster” would not suffice! You, Bert, put your heart & soul in each roast. I have shared this amazing coffee & your story with many a friend & many have come to know the coffee I speak of is just that….freshest, tasteful & with each cup they begin to know the man I speak of when I talk of Tico’s has put his heart & soul into the coffee they are now drinking. I wanted to share with you, that I went to the website today & the info within about, grinds, brewing & water is so informative to your new & existing cutomers.   Also, I shared this great coffee & “the roaster” story while in Spokane . Two of them contacted me this week to inquire about ordering & one I know ordered. Have a great day my friend & give a big hug to your lovely wife. Thanks!!

Your friend, Darrel


“lHad some of your coffee this morning at the Courtyard Cafe here in Dallas!  Thanks!”


“Bert,  Denise and I had your coffee for the first time, and we both really like it! We bought it at Roth’s. It was really deep and rich, but without being bitter. Good job! I’m going to give some to my brother-in-law who is a retired VP of manufacturing for Boyd’s coffee and see what he thinks. I think he’ll like it too.”

Kent P, Sublimity

“Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much I enjoy Tico’s Coffee. I first became aware of your coffee because I am a regular at the Salem Airport Restaurant, where it is served. Last week I was pleasantly surprised to find it at Roth’s Sunnyslope store. I immediately bought some and now enoy it at home.

I am sold on Tico’s. It is really great to have it available at my local store. Thank’s for a great product from a local business.

Best Wishes for your business success!”

Pat M.

Thanks, Bert!!  I am enjoying my coffee very much. It is the highlight of my day and I start looking forward to it every night when I hop into bed…or is it drag myself into bed!!  Thanks again!”


“Just had a cup of the J James blend this am and what a great treat that was! Thanks so much! We look forward to trying the rest of the samples both as french press or as part of our weekend-mocha time. Excellent way to start the day! “

Sha E.

“Bert – The coffee is outstanding. I’m never going back to S….buck’s!”

Scott R





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“​Hi, I'm Bert Ortiz, Entrepreneuer, ​big fan of ​most things outdoors, and Founder ​of Tico's Coffee Roasting Co.”

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