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Most coffee roasters use the old "drum roasting" method, where the coffee beans go round and round in this heated drum... like your clothes dryer.  Chaff (a by-product of roasting coffee) and dust particles often are not removed, but burn inside the drum.  As a consequence, unpleasant tastes are imparted on your coffee, which end up in your cup!

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At Tico's we achieve our clean, smooth coffee profiles and tastes by roasting all our coffees in a proprietary coffee roasting system that uses variable air flows and variable temperatures throughout the roasting process  On the surface, it's a simple process.  But in reality there's a lot that goes into making it happen. Our coffee beans are roasted in a precisesely regulated hot air stream that "blows off" all the chaff (which later goes into compost) and any other dust or small contaminants that may naturally come with the raw coffee beans, leaving nothing but great coffee to roast. 

Our coffees are selected based on certain characteristics and taste profiles that, over the years, we have found to please most coffee drinkers, and delight many others.  We've taken quite a bit of time and put in the effort to select and build the relationships with our coffee suppliers to ensure we get the quality coffees our customers have come to expect.      

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Don't be fooled by the size of the bag!  Most specialty roasters' prices are similar to ours, except their selling smaller bags...often more than 25% smaller bags than we do at Tico's.  Save even more if you buy our 2 pound or 6 pound bags!

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