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“​Hi, I'm Bert Ortiz, Entrepreneuer, ​big fan of ​most things outdoors, and Founder ​of Tico's Coffee Roasting Co.”

“​I've never purchased coffee from a person who pours his heart and soul into his coffee business like Bert does.”

- ​Steve Mucha, Word of Mouth Bistro -

“​​I’ve been very fortunate ​that in the 8 years I’ve been doing coffee, I've come across a few people that really, truly care and Bert’s one of those people.”

- ​Tristina F., ​Coffee House Café -

“​​​Business ownership is full of ​challenges.  You don’t need a supplier that gives you more headaches. ​Tico’s Coffee is a dream to work with and you will worry about one less thing.”

- ​​Natalie F., ​​Flight Deck Restaurant -

We started Tico’s Coffee back in 2003, after selling a wholesale food distribution business we owned and operated for 9 years. 

The food distribution business was making money, the problem was product supply.  We’d order 100 of something and get 50. 

Or get 100 of something that was not as fresh as it should have been or worse yet,  close to an expiration date.

Our main supplier very unreliable.  Just when you though they “got it together”, they’d drop the ball again.

We were making money but missing out on a lot more sales opportunities and not having much fun at it.

I started dreaming up Tico’s Coffee for several reasons:

  • ​I love having a cup of great coffee
  • ​There was an abundant supply of coffee, and once I figured “it” out, I could establish a reliable supply.
  • ​I grew up in Costa Rica and had a bunch of friends and family I lost touch with.  I could connect with them again.

So, we purchased a used coffee roasting machine, bought some green coffee, and learned how to roast.

That was the birth of Tico’s Coffee Roasting Co., right there in one half of our 1 car garage.

Since then the business has continued to evolve:

  • We leased and renovated a barn where we operated for 10 years
  • We’ve upgraded and increased our production capacity several times.  We continue to work on the “weakest (slowest) link”, make improvements, then work on the new “weakest (slowest) link”.
  • We purchased and moved into our current facility in August of 2016.
  • Along the way, we’ve met and supplied coffee to some pretty wonderful people and got more involved with the communities where we work and play.
This is truly an adventure!  It’s been challenging and hectic ​​at times, but I like coming to work every day to make things happen and help others along the way.

​A Few Things About Me

​In case you wanted to know...

  • ​I ​like getting up early to go to work
    ​Roasting coffee, building things​, getting my hands dirty.  I like to get the hard stuff done first.
  • ​I'm a pretty good kayaker
    ​I've spent weeks at a time paddling of the central coast of British Columbia and in the Sea of Cortez.  I used to teach outdoor and leadership skills for NOLS, the National Outdoor Leadership School.
  • ​​New Business of the Year Award
    ​In 2006, ​we received the New Business of the Year award from the Salem Area Chamber of Commerce.
  • ​​​I work hard ​to keep things simple
    ​There are tons of things fighting for our attention, especially when we start to experience success.  I've learned to only commit to things that I know I can follow through on and that are in line with what I value.​
  • ​I like driving my old truck
    ​I​t's an '82 Toyota 4x4.  I bought it in '83 when I was a young pup.  It looks like heck, but it puts a smile on my face whenever I drive it.  
  • ​My dad was Costa Rican
    ​He was a great guy!  That's where I grew up and went to grade and high school.  I have some great friends and family down there.​
  • ​I used to work in the woods
    ​Setting chokers, building logging roads, driving log truck, operating heavy equipment...that sort of stuff.  It was what I wanted to ​since I was a little kid.  I loved it!  My grandfather started a lumber company back in the 1920's​.  He was a great guy!
  • ​​I​​ really enjoy owning my own business
    ​​I meet some great people.  Many ​have helped a ton along the way.  I like the responsibility of business ownership, and the rewards too.   Things constantly evolve and the learning is ongoing.  ​There's a ton of work involved, but I like it.

  • ​​I can be susceptible to procrastination and distraction
    ​I have to work hard at keeping  focused on the ​important stuff​.  There's a ton of stuff I like to do! 
  • ​I'm pretty low-tech with some things
    ​Sometimes adding an attachment to a text or uploading a document to Dropbox for my bookkeeper makes me reach for the nearest hammer...
  • ​​I don't do social media
    ​I just don't.  I don't use emojis either.  It's not my thing.  There are a lot of other things I love to do!

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