​Today our business is booming and we are asked daily about our fantastic coffee, so ​we ended up putting the Tico's Coffee logo on our cups and on the front of our menu.

​Becky Mucha

​Word of Mouth Bistro


​With three years under out belt, and literally thousands of happy customers, we could not imagine doing business with  anyone else. Tico's is passionate about their coffee and their customers.

​Nancy Walsh
​Turnaround Café

For samples and/or wholesale pricing, fill out this form.  We'll get back to you within 24 hours.

We love owning our business, and you probably do to!
With the list of daily challenges you ​face, we want “the coffee part” of your business to the simplest thing you to do.

We’ve been roasting some pretty great coffees for over 15 years now. Most of our roasting is for the wholesale market that includes cafes, espresso bars and restaurants.  

Some of our clients are well known and often talked about, while others are quietly building a following of faithful and devoted customers. They’re all hard working and dedicated to providing their customers a great experience.
To ensure a great coffee experience, we're very selective about the coffees we source, who we source them from, and how we roast each batch.
Quality, consistency, and freshness are top of mind in the production side of our business.  If it matters to you, it matters to us too!  
We’re in touch with most of our wholesale customers on a weekly basis. We hear great comments about our coffee all the time, and that makes us feel pretty good.
Our ultimate objective is that your customers become your raving fans!


​Tico's Coffee is a consistently high quality product. We have ​been with Tico's for over five years and there is no other coffee company providing this type of service.  Tico's ​is phenom​enal! ​

​Karo Thom

​Alcyone Café & Catering


As our coffee supplier for more than six years, we have found Bert to be one of the most responsive suppliers with which we have done business. He will do whatever it takes...

​Natalie Frajola
​Flight Deck Restaurant & Lounge


​...but when we took our first sip we both said, "Wow, this is great coffee!"​ Bert has ​nurtured his dream into a successful business.  He has everything "dialed in".  His passion runs to the core!

​Steve Mucha
​Word of Mouth ​Bostro

Who we work with
We take our business and your business seriously. 
We have high expectations and work VERY hard to keep things simple.
We're easy-going!  We relate well with our customers and our suppliers and know when it's time to go to work, it's time to go to work! 
If your intent includes providing your customers with a great coffee experience, we're probably a good match.
With all the challenges you face in your business, we want “the coffee part” of to the simplest, no-brainer thing you to do.  We do whatever it takes to make that happen!
If you’d like to explore the possibility of serving Tico’s coffee, let us know. We love what we do and hopefully you will too!
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